[Snort-users] Snort loading at startup

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Tue May 14 09:39:05 EDT 2002

the BSD script you mentioned works fine on Linux if you do some
minor changes. 

I am afraid I haven't the modified script here right now, cause I am at
home, but if I am remembering correctly, I had just left out everything I did not
understand, and voila, it worked (I am still quite a Linux newbie, too). ;-)

However I am now using the script that was shipped with my SuSE distro.
(the src rpm for snort contains a good startup script which works the SuSE
copy the script to /etc/init.d, create a symlink to the runlevel in which
you want Snort to be started, then you'll have to define START_SNORT in
rc.config, set it to 'YES' and at last run SuSEconfig.)
I modified this script according to my needs, e.g. including ifconfig up and
some sleep
intervals, cause I was having timing problems with autonegotiation stuff.

There is another script to be found at:
(credits to Sandro Poppi) 

Hope that helps.

>The interface starts at bootup, and I am not sure how to add it to the
script.  I am >kinda new to this linux stuff.  The script was the one that is on
the documentation page >in the "installing freeBSD, mysql, and Snort
>Duh.  that is a freeBSD start script, can anyone send me a linux start

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