[Snort-users] Re: Off topic: Thousands of traceroutes ?

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Mon May 13 12:14:14 EDT 2002

hi Tudor :

* someone is MAPPING your network , ie trying to find
out where your routers are , where your machines are
... and this is done by using traceroute as a tool.
This is evident as the TTL=1.(read about FIREWALK

* Source IP addresses are changing , but that could be
a add-on of a MAPPING software, where it sends packets
from various IP's so that you cant NARROW_DOWN on the
culprit.(Same methodology is used by NMAP's DECOY

what you should do:

* deny all packets with TTL=1 , TTL=2 ... i guess that
would solve your problem.

Pro/Cons :

* No one would be able to MAP your network using
traceroute and same goes for you. You wont be able to
do TRACEROUTE to your machines.

hope , this helped


PS : this was in SANS webcast 2 weeks back , you can
more details on this by going to www.sans.org

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