[Snort-users] ACID slow to bring up packet details - running on W2K with MS-SQL 2000 SP2

Brian Van Benschoten brian.vanbenschoten at ...5824...
Sat May 11 20:07:23 EDT 2002

I've got SNORT and ACID running great on W2K platform.  ACID runs quickly
except when I click on the "alert ID" link,  This link brings up the raw
packet information.

It takes at least 15-30 seconds to load the web page.

Other than this, response of ACID is very good.
Is this normal behaviour ?  In the past I've built a SNORT system on W2K
with MySQL and didnt remember this type of slowness.

SNORT  1.8.7 complied for MSSQL
PHP 4.1.1
ADODB 1.99
ACID  0.9b21

when ACID brings up the packet data is it pulling this out of the SNORT
database ?  does anyone know which table its looking it ?


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