[Snort-users] Price for "vanilla Snort" (no bells and whistles)

dr.kaos dr.kaos at ...4970...
Wed May 8 09:07:46 EDT 2002

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 05:32 pm, Martin Roesch wrote:

> For the record, Sourcefire has put no proprietary mods into Snort at
> this time, the version running on our sensors is the exact same
> version that you can download for free at snort.org.  That's why the
> software has been improving so much lately (from a features and
> stability standpoint), we need it to be there for our commercial
> users and you get the benefits of that work.  All the proprietary
> stuff that we do wraps around Snort and interacts with it, but
> doesn't link directly into it (and therefore doesn't need to be GPL'd
> itself).

Yeah, I realized the errors in my thought processes after Sandro 
straightened me out yesterday ;)

Quick question, tho, for any of you Sourcefire guys and gals:

If I understand correctly, one of the most sifnificant improvements you 
guys have made is in database logging speed and resulting query 
performance. I think, based on a discussion I had with someone there 
several months back, that the database sw you guys are using is in fact 
proprietary, yes? If so, does it use the existing db output directives?



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