[Snort-users] Re: Snort-users digest, Vol 1 #1861 - 13 msgs

Glenn Larsson ichinin at ...5794...
Wed May 8 06:04:01 EDT 2002

> If you're considering something released under GPL as 'free stuff', I'd
> suggest you go back and re-read the GPL.  As it's stated, it's 'free speech'
> and not 'free beer'.  Basically, unless I've misunderstood things from
> http://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.html and other pages, it works like this:
> If you modify and or change the code in any way, that's cool--as long as that
> code stays "in-house".  If that ever goes to the public, or is 'sold' you are
> required to 'give your changes back to the community'.  Now there are many
> other nuances to the license, but these cover the points I'm trying to make.

Yes - I know, that's what and why i just asked; The reason i asked was
the GPL was there in the first place, and yes; the Beer/Speech thing was
reason why i asked - Noone, nowhere have ever mentioned a price for

I have NO intention to change any code, nor do i have any aspiration to
_sell_ the code/binaries as is, i'll install snort on a box (NT or
linux) and
sell that box (along with any OS license) and just charge for the
service of
monitoring snort boxes.

(IF i change or develop some stuff, i'll make that available for free
posting to the Sourceforge lists) thereby giving back to the community,
however, i will NOT monitor for free ;o)

So now - if you all three are on the list:

Martin, Michael and Chris:

Is there a (Runtime) license that i have to pay for to use snort in the
i've just described and if so - how much do i have to pay?

(I've also contacted the sales team @ sourcefire 2 weeks ago, but i've
 recieved no response.)


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