[Snort-users] Semi-OT: Developer Thanks?

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Tue May 7 14:47:02 EDT 2002

I've seen quite a bit of traffic on the list over time that states something
like:  "I really like snort, but I don't have a budget to buy offical support
and/or training."

I'd like to suggest something for folks who don't.  Amazon Wish-Lists!  I know
Marty[0] and Fyodor[1] already have ones, and I'm sure we could convince the
other core folks to build one (Hint, Hint, Chris, Andrew and other CVS
committers) or to pass along the URL's for ones they already have.  It doesn't
require anyone to contribute, it's just a way you can if you want to 'say
thanks for working on this cool tool!'

And no, this isn't a requirement--I just think it to be something nifty that
the snort-users could do to say thanks.

I guess I'm just a softie at heart.  :-)


Erek Adams

(Long URLS, may have wrapped)



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