AW: [Snort-users] Price for "vanilla Snort" (no bells and whistle s)

dr.kaos dr.kaos at ...4970...
Tue May 7 08:37:02 EDT 2002

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 01:24 am, Poppi, Sandro wrote:

> Please correct me if I'm wrong but snort is GPL licensed which means
> every derived work has to be GPL licensed too along with the code
> being open source! So in my understanding there won't be a legally
> (in terms of GPL) closed-source snort.
> As Marty, Chris and all snort contributers honour the open source
> community it would be very strange if sourcefire's appliance uses any
> closed-source snort.

Hmm. Yeah, twas late last night when I composed that message. Suppose 
you must be right. IIRC, tho, when I spoke with the guys at Sourcefire, 
they indicated that the Mgmt Console is closed-source, and that the 
backend-db is also a proprietary mechanism, allowing for significant 
improvements in the speed of queries. I don't suppose, tho, that they 
would've needed to modify Snort in any significant ways to do so, tho, 
and thus I was likely completely wrong in my previous e-mail.

My apologies to Glenn for the moment of misdirection, and my thanks to 
Sandro for the correction. Just for the sake of my own sanity though, 
could someone at Sourcefire confirm the licensing details pertaining to 
any/all software on an OpenSnort sensor and an OpenSnort console?



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