[Snort-users] Tap -> Hub Problem.

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Mon May 6 14:15:03 EDT 2002

Problem solved. The people that own the link already had it forced to 100
full, I was at 100 half.

Sorry to waste everyones time.


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Hi Chris,

The tap is in line with an autnegotiating link. I figured since the data was
being transmitted to the hub that a 100 MB half duplex hub would be O.Kay.

I also tried setting the cisco switch to auto/auto and still go the same
error rate.

I don't own the link and they won't force to 100MB Full so I am not sure
what else to try. Any other ideas?


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"larosa, vjay" <larosa_vjay at ...3331...> writes:

> Hello,
> I need to ask for some advice. I have a situation where there is a century
> tap installed that splits my  link in to
> two pieces. Send and Recieve. When I plug these two connections in to any
> sort of hub, or switch with port mirroring
> (Tried a NetGear DS108 and a Cisco 3500) I get approximately a %50 error
> rate according to my network analyzer.
> When I run either or connection alone, I do not get any errors. Does
> have any idea why this might be
> happening? Thanks!

Full Duplex ethernet going into a half duplex hole.

You'll have to bump your switch down to 100half duplex.
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