[despammed] [Snort-users] DSL Monitoring

Ed McMan essmilee at ...5068...
Sun May 5 21:48:05 EDT 2002

You want to monitor ppp0... eth1 would be the PPPoE which I doubt snort
supports ;)
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> I'd like to start monitoring my home DSL connection
> with Snort, but am not sure which interface to watch.
> Sitting behind my NetDSL modem is a RedHat Linux
> system that runs PPPOE to establish a connection to
> Earthlink. The interface eth1 is physically attached
> to the DSL modem and ppp0 is the one that the PPPOE
> software brings up for the actual connection.
> When I apply firewall rules, I add them against the
> ppp0 interface, would I use the same one for Snort or
> the eth1 physical interface? Should I place a hub on
> the same connection as the DSL and add another
> interface just for Snort monitoring?
> Any pointers would be great.

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