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Sat May 4 08:51:03 EDT 2002

CapXmit (windows)   www.iss.net (you need the iss raw packet driver for
this). This tool will take a binary file and sling it over the wire for you
(re-xmit it if you will). If you catch me sometime next week I'll sling the
binary (or you can download from www.iss.net)  along with the sys file out
on the wire for the Windows users. Just shoot me a mail message with
"CapXmit Please" in the SUBJECT line.

I used to use a commercial one called IrisT Network Traffic Analyzer. It
allows you to select a frame and slap it back on the wire. It's great for
developing IDS signatures. It costs money, about $1,000.00 I think, but it
does kick some a$$. http://www.eeye.com/html/Products/Iris/index.html

You can also use any of the zillion evasion tools out there. SideStep,
Fragroute, Snot etc.
http://www.robertgraham.com - Sidestep
http://www.monkey.org/~dugsong/fragroute/  - Fragroute
http://www.sec33.com/sniph/ -Snot

My 2.1 cents worth (tax included)

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> hello
> anyone have used any packet generator for testing
> ids?sorry for asking this question in this
> mailing-list.thank you for your concern.


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