[Snort-users] Demarc (PureSecure)

Noller, Gregory Noller2G at ...4290...
Fri May 3 11:35:10 EDT 2002

I have been using Demarc 1.05 since October.  It was hard to set up, but was
much better than Acid and such.

Now they have released 1.06 and are calling it PureSecure.  Much better
setup script.  Easy in fact.

Just want to let you know, if you have not tried Demarc/PureSecuregive it a

Just build you a new Linux 7.2 box, get a copy of the software and run the
./configure script in the install directory.  You will need internet
visability because it goes out and downloads all the pieces.

Once it's running, you'll need to update the rules from the configure tab to
get the rules downloaded.

Then sit back and watch.  Then you can edit your rules and snort.conf file
from the configure tab.

This software really works.

I don't work for them, have never met them, and just wanted to comment on
this product.

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Gregory Noller
Senior IT Security Technologist
Technology Risk Services
Koch Business Solutions, LP
Wichita, Kansas
(316) 828-7725

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