[Snort-users] As a newbie, two questions

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If you're on a hub, then you should get a copy of all traffic by default.  However, it never hurts to test your promiscuous (monitoring) interface to ensure that it is operating properly.  Perhaps try initializing snort from the command line in sniffer mode (snort -v) to ensure that you're actually capturing packets destined for other hosts on the segment.

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On Venerdì, maggio 3, 2002, at 05:32 , McCammon, Keith wrote:

> 2) your sensor is properly placed on a monitoring port on your switch,

What exactly should I check? I think the var $HOME_NET, set to any, is 
right. And I'm testing the machines on a hub, not a switch since I read 
that there may arise problems (and i still have to read manuals to see if 
my switch supports mirroring).



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