[Snort-users] Automating Snort on W2k using WinAt

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Fri May 3 04:50:04 EDT 2002

Get yourself a copy of the Resource Kit and find SrvAny, or surf out for a
copy of FireDaemon. Use either to set Snort up as a Service with your
command line switches as start options. 
Afterwards, create two batch files, start.bat and stop.bat or whatever. One
should have the command "net stop snort", and the other "net start snort".
Schedule those in AT.
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This is a re-phrasing of a question that went unanswered.
Using WinAt I want to automate the starting and stopping
of snort.  I use the snort -de -l c:\inetpub\wwwroot\logs -c snort.conf
command to start snort.  Usually I manually 
stop snort for ending the process in the 
Task Manager, however that will obviously 
not be a viable option in the automatic process.  
I am using WinAt and a .bat file to start snort at 12:00am
every day with the above command.  What command can
I write in a .bat file in order to automatically stop snort before
12am everyday using WinAt and a .bat file?

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