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     Not sure if this will help, but I use a scheduling program called JIT.
It does allow you to kill a proccess after a certain period of time.
Originally this program was free, with the latest release there is a very
reasonable fee. You can find it at.


Andrew Zielinski

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This is a re-phrasing of a question that went unanswered.
Using WinAt I want to automate the starting and stopping
of snort.  I use the snort -de -l c:\inetpub\wwwroot\logs -c snort.conf
command to start snort.  Usually I manually
stop snort for ending the process in the
Task Manager, however that will obviously
not be a viable option in the automatic process.
I am using WinAt and a .bat file to start snort at 12:00am
every day with the above command.  What command can
I write in a .bat file in order to automatically stop snort before
12am everyday using WinAt and a .bat file?

Thank you,


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