[Snort-users] Can you simply merge separate Snort SQL databases?

David E. Wach david at ...4877...
Thu May 2 08:46:12 EDT 2002

I would tend to agree, but in our case we need to do dynamic on-demand
reporting from all those sensors out in the wild, so I think that going
through the hassle of having a central database makes sense for us.  A
whole lot of this stuff can be automated with some creative scripting,
though there might be some event horizon where there's just too many to
manage effectively *shrug*.  I would say that unless you need some sort
of reporting (and not just alerting with the data archived into the
database) to just skip it.

Happy snorting!
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On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 09:20:15AM -0700, David E. Wach wrote:
> One problem you'll have is that Snort dynamically adds entries into 
> several tables as it sees events (reference, reference_system, 
> sig_class, sig_reference, and signature).  If you pull data into a 
> central database you're events will reference bogus data.

Gah! That sounds nasty. I wonder, could you fake it? i.e. pull over the
unique data, and then regenerate all the reference table data? 

It seems to me that this sort of central DB is the one thing you can
slash-and-burn on demand - all the "live" DB servers should be left
alone if possible...


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