[Snort-users] barnyard and demarc question

Omolayo Salako OSalako at ...5295...
Wed May 1 12:40:38 EDT 2002

i have been looking at ways to improve snort performance. i looked into
using barnyard, got it downloaded and compiled but am stumped as to how to
configure it. my problem is now command line options. but how do i use
barnyard, since am already telling snort in my snort.conf to log into the
database. do i uncomment this option and tell snort to log to syslog and
have barnyard get into the database. But that would be redundant and waste
of diskspace. i do see in barnyard.conf that it has database options, even
though it's for acid i and am using demarc, i assume the database schema is
generic across both front-ends. Help from anyone that has made this work and
how they did it would be appreciated.


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