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Wed May 1 01:53:02 EDT 2002


>I'm running snort while logging to a mysql database (ACID):
>output database: alert, mysql, user=user password=pass dbname=snort
>I changed the 'alert' from 'log' to get portscan data, and now I'm getting
>Filesie limit exceeeded errors from the size of my /var/log/snort
>directory.  Is there a way to montinor portscans from ACID without logging
>to /var/log/snort?

have you tried logging to /dev/null? ;)
e.g. if you want to throw away your locally stored portscans file 
preprocessor portscan: 5 3 portscan.log
preprocessor portscan: 5 3 /dev/null

but I wouldn't do that, because I like to tail -f on the portscan file in
order to view portscans in near-realtime.

If you want to throw away all of the log files specify 
-l /dev/null
on the command line

I haven't tried this but I think it could do exactly what you asked for. 

>I'm running Linux 2.4.17.
<Thank you.
>Hopefully someday, I'll be answering more questions rather than asking

NP, let me know if it works for you :)



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