[Snort-users] Phil is coming out of the closet

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Sat Mar 30 22:13:05 EST 2002

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Phil Wood wrote:

> I've actually have two "burnt offerings" at my "public" web site.  Never
> before have I had this many things to share at one time.  The first is
> my old friend:
>   1. hog-vim.tar.gz, README, size: 12330, version: 1.9
>      A vim syntax file for snort rules, with instructions on how to set vim
>      up to use it.
> and a new offering:
>   2. libpcap-0.7.0329.tar.gz, README, size: 271518, version: 0.7.0329
>      A libpcap version which supports MMAP mode on the linux kernel 2.4.x.

Very cool Phil!  I'm glad to see that's available.  Hell, it sounded nice even
to me, the non-linux type!

Phil, are you burning something besides 'offerings'?  Beware of Linux Geeks
bearing gifts!  Iiiieeeee....  Run Away!


> Given the dearth of response, I'm thinking that all you BSD geeks have
> scared the linux weenie's so bad that they all switched their OS's.

Ahem?  Let's not forget the Solaris Bigots!  ;-)

> But, that's ok.  I helped install a bsd system on a vax back in 1983 from
> source provided by Purdue of all places.  This was when the Internet
> road on top of IMP's and our local ethernets were connected by Ungermann
> Bass broadband boxes intefaced with Sun 1 "routers".  And the lan was
> 1/2 inch yellow cable segments connected by little black bricks that you
> could only figure out how they worked by XRay'n um.
> Ah, those old Sun-1's, multibus cardcage, 2 megs of memory, 80 meg disk.
> Those were the days.  I loved BSD.  But, ... I'm getting carried away.

It's amusing you mention a 'Sun 1 Router'....  Lets just say in a large
company who shall remain nameless, they _still_ have some of those in
production.  And I'll just note, it's amazing how quick you find out they are
using them by knocking out a power cable on one.....  :-/

Now, if we can just get you to work on those subject lines.....  ;-)

Erek Adams

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