[Snort-users] Phil is coming out of the closet

Phil Wood cpw at ...440...
Fri Mar 29 21:33:02 EST 2002


I've actually have two "burnt offerings" at my "public" web site.  Never
before have I had this many things to share at one time.  The first is
my old friend:

  1. hog-vim.tar.gz, README, size: 12330, version: 1.9
     A vim syntax file for snort rules, with instructions on how to set vim
     up to use it.

and a new offering:

  2. libpcap-0.7.0329.tar.gz, README, size: 271518, version: 0.7.0329
     A libpcap version which supports MMAP mode on the linux kernel 2.4.x. 

The libpcap you heard about in a previous mailing.  It has been around
for some time, but never before exposed on a web page!  All past references
are null and void.  The above should ./configure on a 2.4.18 system just
fine.  If it doesn't I'd be glad to help with any questions.  Actually,
I'm also running it on a 2.2.x system watching an old fddi ring.

Given the dearth of response, I'm thinking that all you BSD geeks have
scared the linux weenie's so bad that they all switched their OS's.

But, that's ok.  I helped install a bsd system on a vax back in 1983 from
source provided by Purdue of all places.  This was when the Internet
road on top of IMP's and our local ethernets were connected by Ungermann
Bass broadband boxes intefaced with Sun 1 "routers".  And the lan was
1/2 inch yellow cable segments connected by little black bricks that you
could only figure out how they worked by XRay'n um.

Ah, those old Sun-1's, multibus cardcage, 2 megs of memory, 80 meg disk.
Those were the days.  I loved BSD.  But, ... I'm getting carried away.


Phil, http://public.lanl.gov/cpw

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