[Snort-users] OT: Reseller Rant

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Fri Mar 29 16:36:17 EST 2002

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, F.M. Taylor wrote:

> I beleive that as a support person, you should keep as many irons in as
> many fires as possible in order to provide support for your users.  One
> good thinng to do would be to use this mailing list.

Yes!  I've been in the tech support seat before.  I can't tell you how
invaluable resources like email lists and USENET are/were to me.

> HOWEVER, if you are a professional, cite your sources.  If you cut and
> paste your support solutions from a public mailing list, include the
> header information.  Give credit where credit is due.

As I said in an earlier email--being cited isn't all that.  I (personally)
could care less about being cited.  The thing that gets to me is the way
_some_ use this as thier back line for tech support.  There is _NO_ effort on
thier part to research or to even look for the answer.  Question is written
and sent to the list.  Boom, get an answer--Then give it to the customer
looking like a 'super dude' for having the answer and telling them what/how to

It kinda reminds me of the "Me too!" movement when AOL starting carrying

> Now if you read the list and just happen to remember the answer, use your
> own words, don't credit anyone except your ability to learn.
> If you are just "parroting" others, well, that will work for a while, but
> it will catch up with you and bite you where you sit.

Yes...  Yes it will.  :)


Erek Adams

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