[Snort-users] Re: Swatch like program for windows

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Fri Mar 29 13:32:05 EST 2002


Snort will send alerts to MS Syslog. What I'm looking for is for
something that will operate like Swatch and send predefined alerts to
Email using a SMTP server, and hopefully run as a service. A perl script
would work, because I thing perl scripts can be compiled to executables
on Windows (not real sure, but I seem to have read something on this).

I have received a crud way to do this but it's not for the average
inexperienced user. I will post it on our site and leave a link here or
anyone can email me and I will pass it along.  Hopefully we will get
something that is very simple to use. If I receive anything else I will
pass it along to everyone.

Thanks to everyone that is helping.


-Michael Steele - michaels at ...155...

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I know there is perl script that can read the event viewer
and send it in syslog fashion to a syslog server.
See http://www.aplawrence.com/Reviews/NTSyslog.html.
You may be able to modify the script to pump the
out put to swatch which is a perl script.
I found the swatch url at:
http://cosi-nms.sourceforge.net/alpha-progs.html ->

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