FW: [Snort-users] configuring 1.8.4 --with-snmp

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Fri Mar 29 09:54:03 EST 2002

Thanks, yeah stupid me, I should have included this.....FreeBSD 4.4RELEASE

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What OS are you on?  I had a similar problem and resolved it.

I was using solaris8 and had to use crle to set up the lib and include paths
to include the unique directory i had for snmp
(/usr/local/snmp/[lib|include])  (same with ssl (when I tried it) and

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Subject: [Snort-users] configuring 1.8.4 --with-snmp

I have been unable to get this to work. I first installed ucd-snmp 4.2.3,
configured, make, make install fine.
However snort1.8.4 would not configure (errored out with something I did not
understand). I then installed net-snmp5.0.pre2, configured, make, make
install fine.
However snort1.8.4 would not configure because it could not find a header
file. I hacked the configure script
to edit the paths that it looked for (where it defines $snmp_directory) and
it stills dies. I have made clean, 
checked all the options for both configure scripts (snmp and snort) and
can't figure it out, help !!

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