[Snort-users] Rules Problem

Andrew Blevins ABlevins at ...5433...
Fri Mar 29 08:03:13 EST 2002

This is so trivial that its almost embarrasing, but hey, this is a mailing
list for a reason, right? :-)
I have gotten done installingon my Windows 2k (don't worry, I'm learning
Linux) Demarc/MySql/Snort (1.8.3), and *almost* everything is working fine.
In my snort.conf file all the preprocessors, and the output plugins (for the
MySql) work great. However, the rules are not working at all, and every time
I add rules to the snort.conf, and restart snort, it says "0 rules read",
and then in the conf file, it rems out all the rules I added! I am lost
after reading manuals, mail lists, forums, and all the rest.


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