[Snort-users] OT: Reseller Rant

John Sage jsage at ...2022...
Thu Mar 28 21:41:02 EST 2002

John sez:

Two thumbs up; very much on-topic; most certainly _not_ a rant!

As we used to say in the good ol' days:

"Right on!"

- John
In those days, you could not buy a $2000 200MHz Pentium server.

ps: how can ya tell the "vendors"?  Look at full headers? Or just by

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 11:02:42AM -0800, Erek Adams wrote:
> [Warning:  The following may not be suited for young children, small animals
> and some household appliances.]
> Ok, I still haven't had enough coffee yet, so I'm a bit cranky.  Yes, I'm
> apologizing in advance....  :-/
> <rant>
> On the selling of Snort based appliances:  I think it's great to get Snort out
> there as much as possible.  I think the idea of a 'pre-packaged sensor and
> console' is a cool idea (Go Sourcefire!).  It's great for an enterprise to be
> able to buy a box, software and support all in one place!  Buy it, plug it in,
> configure it, and support in the wings incase something happens....  GREAT
> Now, the part that just really aggitates me:  When these appliance vendors
> post to this email list (snort-users) and get help from list members....And
> then have the audacity to charge a customer for the info they got in a free
> public forum.  I don't mind helping folks.  I really don't.  I _DO_ mind being
> 'backline email support' and not getting paid for it.  :-/  Yeah, Yeah--I
> know...  "Don't help people then."  It's not the money...  It's the principle
> of the matter:  $4,000 a year (in some cases) for support.  And the support
> team gets thier tuff questions answered here?  *sigh*  God...  Corporate
> America.  Greed--It makes the world go round.
> And to the resellers:  When you cut-n-paste from the email list into your tech
> documents, you could at least _try_ to make it look like it was written by
> your company.
> </rant>
> I think I'll go have some more coffee now....
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> Erek Adams
> Nifty-Type-Guy
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