[Snort-users] realtime reporting tool

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Thu Mar 28 13:32:20 EST 2002

1) I think you've covered all the open-source snort-specific log parsing 
tools out there, sorry.

2) for swatchrc creation I'd try searching freshmeat.net, they have all 
kinds of wacky scripts and apps for all kinds of things. Beyond that, I 
can't really help you much, you'll probably have to do your own homework on 

Please try to be more specific the first time around in the future, it 
saves both sides of the equation time.

At 01:33 PM 3/28/2002 -0600, Ronneil Camara wrote:

>Sorry for not being so detailed. The reason I posted is that I want to 
>other reporting tools.


>Yeah, I have been using swatch and I like it. I got some question though.
>Is there a way where we can automate the creation of swatchrc file? I can
>actually create a perl or sh script to do this but I was hoping that there
>is already one that does it for swatch.

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