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Wed Mar 27 21:31:16 EST 2002

This was on an existing snort box, what happened was the update
re-ordered my adapters so interface 1 (which I had always been snorting
on) was now a virtual adapter, and the actual nic was now interface 2.
Took me a long time to figure this one out.
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Are you certain that the problem is with Windows, because Snort *does*
run on Windows 2000.  
Have you checked your cables, interfaces, winpcap installation,
switching and sensor placement, etc.?  What tests have you done to
determine a root cause?
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	Caution!  I run snort under w2k, last Friday I installed all the
latest service packs, hotfixes, etc, and now my pig won't snort.  It
runs, but doesn't packet capture, Not sure which one killed my pig, but
I completely reinstalled snort (took advantage and upgraded to 1.8.3 and
it still won't snort, not even in sniffer mode.  If I can figure out
what killed my pig I'll post it.
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