[Snort-users] Windows Warning

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Wed Mar 27 13:54:04 EST 2002

Could you CC me when you figure it out. Could you do a "Snort -v" then
generate some traffic. Your command window should have traffic zooming
by. By chance did you pick the option to save your old files, just
incase you needed to roll back from the latest service pack. If so, try
reverting back.
-Michael Steele - michaels at ...155...
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Caution!  I run snort under w2k, last Friday I installed all the latest
service packs, hotfixes, etc, and now my pig won't snort.  It runs, but
doesn't packet capture, Not sure which one killed my pig, but I
completely reinstalled snort (took advantage and upgraded to 1.8.3 and
it still won't snort, not even in sniffer mode.  If I can figure out
what killed my pig I'll post it.
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