[Snort-users] old sparc

Holger Weiss lists at ...5409...
Wed Mar 27 04:21:02 EST 2002

* Gabriel C Millerd <gmillerd at ...5396...> (26.03.2002, 18:44):
> i have an old sparc running linux 2.2.19 and i am wondering if anyone
> knows a way around the 'bus error' problem. i tried compiling various
> versions of snort with minimal configurations ... seems to be the same
> problem.

I'm running OpenBSD 3.0-stable on a SPARCstation 5/110 and get the same
'bus error' with a lot of snort-versions. However: 1.8.1 and 1.9-beta0
work fine (though a newer snapshot says 'bus error' again). Have you tried
one of those?

Anyhow, this actually doesn't help me a lot, because I want snort to
listen to the dummy interface pflog0, which is where OpenBSD Packet Filter
logs it's output to (in tcpdump-format). Now the problem is that 1.8.1 and
1.9-beta0 are telling me 'snort cannot handle data link type 17' when
trying to listen to pflog0. Somebody stated (a few days ago in the
Troubelshooting forum on snort.org) that he gets the same error with
1.9-beta0, although listening to pflog0 works fine for him with 1.8.4. But
this one gives me the 'bus error'... *grr*... Well, nothing to do with
your question... ;)

     -- Holger

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