[Snort-users] old sparc

Andrew R. Baker andrewb at ...950...
Tue Mar 26 17:07:30 EST 2002

Gabriel C Millerd wrote:
> i have an old sparc running linux 2.2.19 and i am wondering if anyone
> knows a way around the 'bus error' problem. i tried compiling various
> versions of snort with minimal configurations ... seems to be the same
> problem.

The reason why these errors have not been fixed is because the core dev 
team does not have a Linux Sparc available for testing.  All of out 
Sparcs are dedicated to running various flavours of Solaris.  If you 
send us a backtrace generate from the core file, we can start working on 
fixing the problem.  However, i do vaguely recall that someone may have 
figured out that it is being caused by a compiler bug, but i am not sure.


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