[Snort-users] snort paging

Jon Ottar Runde jorunde at ...5394...
Tue Mar 26 14:51:04 EST 2002

On ty , 2002-03-26 at 21:55, quylow at ...261... wrote:
> Has any one ever tried setting up a snort box so that it can page the
> admin for priority one alerts.  I am about to try to do this and am open
> to any ideas anyone may have.  Thanks in advance
> Bob Y
I do belive bigbrother (http://bb4.com/) has a "plugin" to the
monitoring-software, that supports snort.
bb can then in turn page you, and will also give status on a web-page..

If you don't want it all, -you could at least "borrow" code, as it is
mostly shell-scripts

jon O

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