[Snort-users] bad priority messages

Mipam mipam at ...266...
Mon Mar 25 07:31:16 EST 2002

> > Also tried that, still no luck, same message.
> > Any hints further?
> You may also miss some entries in classification.config. Try to find the
> classification entry of the error message in classification.config. If it's
> not in there you might download snort's current rule set where a
> classification.config is included and either replace the old one or merge
> the new and the old one (depends also on the version of snort).

Checked it out, all the needed classifications are in the 
class file. But snort still reports that its unable to open rules file
classification.config :-(
Permissions seem to be good and in the same dir as the snort conf file
and secondly i tried to specify the full path, but still same result.
So im clueless at the moment.


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