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Also, check out Mandrake SNF.  It includes Snort.

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I have no experience with IPCop.

That said, this may be a relatively objective review, see:


One quote:

"IPCop is a cut-down Linux distribution that is intended to operate as
a firewall, and only as a firewall. It has some advanced firewalling
features, including VPNs using IPSec. This article describes the
set-up and use of IPCop, and contains a few comments about its

And another:

"IPCop includes the Snort intrusion detection system, which is quite a
powerful system for detecting various attacks on internal servers. 
If you are using IPCop to protect a server or two (either on your DMZ
or your GREEN network) then you will find Snort quite useful.

IPCop makes setting up Snort very simple. Just go to the "IDS" tab on
the IPCop menu, and tick the "Enabled" box. Remember to check your log
files regularly if you are running Snort! These are accessible from
the "IDS" tab as well.

An IDS such as Snort (or a firewall, for that matter) is in no way a
substitute for the need to ensure that your Web servers are updated
regularly with the appropriate service packs and security fixes as
soon as they become available from your vendor, be that Debian, Red
Hat, or Microsoft."

Somehow I'm not sure a "cut-down Linux distribution" would be expected
to deal with SCSI, but who knows?

- John
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On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 12:14:15PM +0200, Micha Silver wrote:
> Hello all:
> Does the kernel supplied with IPCop support SCSI disks? No mention of SCSI
> in the "Hardware Compatibility List".
> I'm considering installing IPCops with SQUID enabled in transparent proxy
> mode, and proxying for several hundred computers. My impressions is that a
> large fast SCSI disk would be important here.
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