[Snort-users] FYI: snort.org moving

J. Craig Woods drjung at ...2066...
Sat Mar 23 14:20:02 EST 2002

Chris Green wrote:
> Tommorrow, .snort.org and .sourcefire.com are changing hosting
> locations.  Dunno what time we're moving them exactly but you can
> expect services to be down for about an hour sometime tommorrow.
> I know if we didn't say something now, there would be a lot of queries
> as to where they went.
> --

Hey Chris, where the hell is snort.org and sourcefire.com? 

(I just thought I would be the first one with this dumb question, and
buy every one a drink for this fine Saturday evening)

J. Craig Woods
UNIX/NT Network/System Administration

-Art is the illusion of spontaneity-

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