[Snort-users] Increasing Packet

Wirth, Jeff WirthJe at ...4876...
Fri Mar 22 07:36:08 EST 2002

> the packet is captured and reported in the payload. 
> Is there any way to increase this size in Snort?

I guess you are referring to the "snaplen" that snort uses.  By default
snort uses 1514 as it's snaplen when snorting data.  So I guess the question
is "what media are you snorting on?".  1514 would be sufficient for ethernet
(or any media with a MTU less then 1500). What you may be seeing is a
payload from source with a small MTU, ie dial-up user, where the entire
payload is split between multiple packets.

# man snort

- P snap-length

Hope this helps...

- Jeff

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