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>Does anyone know how to only output to a database and avoid any or all file
output? I do not want any alert files or files in general.
Define only one output plugin in your snort.conf.  (database plugin)

>Can Multiple sensors report to a single database?

>Has anyone tried writing a backend utility to manage the Database itself.
That is perhaps if we develop a utility which can manage an IDS database we
can >monitor for event correlation throughout a snort deployment of several
sensors. When we for example see a bunch of useless IIS exploit attempts
made on >Apache servers in our global sensor arrangement we can through the
utility delete all such alerts single-handingly over a number of IDS sensors
where the alerts >were found.
Take a look at ACID. It can delete alerts from the database and also archive
to another database.

>I am writing such a utility in C/C++ and Java. Need Help (Anybody have good
Select Statements & such???) Perhaps to the developer of the Database
Portion - >if I cannot make autojoins in Mysql what are my options.

>Why didn't they develop snort to alternatively output packets & layers to a
Database and based on the incremental counter of the DB input perform
analysis with >the detection engine, and support modular filter analysis to
support both IDS & Network Centric routines?

>EG: Use Snort's incredible decoding and libpcap development to show not
only security but real in-depth analysis of network issues. Do this within
context of a >MySQL or Oracle DB and toss the file output...!

Gruesse/ Kind Regards,
Ryan S.

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