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Thu Mar 21 13:15:18 EST 2002

Hello snort-users,
	I am on a class B network with a Snort IDS on our main Internet
connection and another on our VPN and Dial-up. Since I have been at this
facility, we have been viewing our alerts via telnet window to alert file
through the day and have a script running to email out the daily alerts
every night. My co-workers and I have come to the realization that this is a
primitive way to view our IDS. I want to build a database to log our alerts
to a database and use a web based front end. I talked to Sourcefire and they
told me that you cannot buy the software without the hardware or use
pre-existing sensors with the OpenSnort Management Console, so I do not know
if that is a possible solution yet.  I know about MySQL, ACID, and Demarc,
but I just wanted some feedback on what databases and front ends worked best
for the rest of the community. Thanks in advance.


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