[Snort-users] Snort 1.8.4 Released?

Keith Ramsey keith at ...5358...
Thu Mar 21 10:56:04 EST 2002

I downloaded snort-1.8.4.tar.gz dated Sat Mar 16 01:32:36 2002 and it
doesn't seem to have "beta" in the version info. However, I had some
problems getting MySQL to work correctly - I compiled using the
--with-mysql=/usr/local/libexec (doing this on a FreeBSD 4.5 box) and it
couldn't find mysql.  So I went to the snort-stable-snapshot.tar.gz
dated Wed Mar 13 23:49:12 2002 and it compiled just fine with the mysql
support.  This one has 'beta5' in the version info.

Keith Ramsey
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Does any body know if 1.8.4 been "Officially" released? Or is it still
beta 4. Thanks!


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