[Snort-users] Performance.

Vjay LaRosa vjayl at ...3331...
Wed Mar 20 09:10:09 EST 2002


I know that everyone probably hates this question, but I need to ask it
any way. I am running four instances
of snort. The first three run on a Fujitsu Prime Power M400, the fourth
runs on a linux PC. On my Solaris
host I have two 100MB cards that run close to 75% utilization each.
Snort barely even drops a single packet ever from
either of these cards. My third instance is reading off a Sun Gigabit
card. This interface only peaks periodically at 2% utilization, but I
drop hundreds of thousands of packets. I am using libpcap version 7.1,
snort 1.8.4 beta 4. The snort
process that is dropping all of the packets is only running at about 9%
CPU utilization. I have tried reducing signatures,
and removing output plugins, but nothing helps . Does anyone have any
suggestions for me to try? Thanks!


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