[Snort-users] acid

Basil Saragoza snortlst at ...125...
Wed Mar 20 08:08:03 EST 2002

I'm runnign snort and demarc on the saem machine.I showed demarc to my boss
and he was pretty amazed with what it can do, when I showed him acid he was
like - well I see that this thing can do almost the same but interface
really sucks. Don't get me wrong,my bosss is a 100% unix guy but I must
agree with him that front page of acid actually sucks.
I think I can edit the acid_main.php to my hearts content and make it look
much better, I just don't know a thing about php, so I was was wondering
maybe some of you guys already dome taht and replaced acid_main.php with
some good-looking page.... If you'cve done that could you please send it to

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