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Wed Mar 20 07:41:02 EST 2002

Thanks for the response everyone. Here's my challenge of the day.

I am running Snort (from SiliconDefense) v1.8.3b92 MySQL/FlexResp, Demarc, 
ACID on a Win2K server.

I have tried two different "LibNetNT.dll" and get two different errors.

1) Downloaded from "Eeye" - dated 05/30/2000 52kb
Upon Snort/Demarc startup, this one produces a snort.exe windows popup error 
when snort is initiated:
The instruction at "0x100015dc" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory 
could not be "read". However after "clicking" OK the first Snort dos box 
closes, the second Snort dos box initiates and Snort appears to run ok (Have 
not actually tried using the FlexResponse feature yet).

2) Downloaded from SiliconDefense - dated 11/16/2001 52kb
This one produces a windows popup error stating the dll can not be found. I 
have tried various locations, and it appears as long as the LibNetNT.dll is 
in the "Path" for the snort server it should work. In item number one I have 
tested putting the LibNetNT.dll in both the Snort /bin directory, /WInNT 
directory and /WinNT/System32 directory, ALL work. So I do not believe this 
is a valid error message.

Can anyone shead some light on this or point me to a known good pre-compiled 
LibNetNT.dll to download?

Thanks again, Cliff

If you use the Win32 installer and select the flexresp option
in the installer it will install libnetnt.dll along with snort,
and you will be able to use flexresp.

I assume this is for use with snort since you asked the question in

Otherwise libnetNT for use in a program by itself can
be gotten from the port of it at:



On Tue, 19 Mar 2002 20:55:45 EST
SkatFiend at ...661... wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can someone point me in the right direction for install instructions for 
> LibNet on a Win2K box?????
> Thanks, Cliff

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