[Snort-users] reference port data in rule msg

Brian bmc at ...950...
Wed Mar 20 07:12:10 EST 2002

According to Stephen Gill:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone know if there is a way to reference the actual tcp/udp port
> and/or other information of a packet when it matches a particular rule
> (ie.  protocol, etc.)?  I would like to configure a snort rule with a
> dynamic text message based on the actual port that is being probed.  I
> would like all traffic destined to a particular IP address to be logged
> as a probe along with the actual port and protocol information in the
> text field.  

Why don't you write your own output plugin?  Or use the customizable
plugin, spo_csv.  (Not that fast, but the Andrew's version in barnyard


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