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Clear DayHi Jared,
Wow, what a great opportunity to experiment!  You could set up snort installations on all of your *nix variants and win32 and report back to us.  Actually, this has been the subject of much discussion, and I think there are happy users on all of these platforms.  I have had experiance with snort on win2K and on Linux (Red Hat 7.2); I prefer the Linux setup because it has been very stable (snort 1.8.3) whereas the win2k installation had to be restarted on a regular basis because of the tendency of snort to consume all of the processor cycles after a few days ( this was using the win32 binary 1.8.3 from silicondefense) .  I believe that this problem has been seen on *nix as well, but it has not been an issue for me; my current snort on linux box has been purring along happily for many weeks now without needing any attention.  
Good luck -
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  I have two networks that I keep charge of, now one network is a large mix ranging from Solaris, HPUX, Linux, Freebsd, and also windows. Now I read some instructions on the website that stated you could use snort on Win32 machines running windows, but my real question would be which OS does snort naturally run better on?

  Thank you for any comments,

  Jared Dame
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