[Snort-users] Acid Not Logging

a s agpiah at ...131...
Wed Mar 20 06:59:05 EST 2002

I've just installed snort for the first time following
the instruction of the silicon defense website with
snort running as a service with MySql and Acid to log
the alerts.

If I manually start snort with "snort -v -i2" I can
see traffice following in the screen. However I am now
running the snort conf file (2002/02/18)
which shows snort ruleset 1.8.1 and I am not getting
any alerts comming through to the ACID alert panel or
any analysis of traffic profile by protocol.

Does anyone have a conf file that would log all trafic
(like running snort -v -i2) so I could see if / when
ACID is in fact logging, I thought this may be easier
than changing all the registry keys etc that I have
now set up with running snort as a service.

Mental note, Next time I'll check it is all working
before installing as a service, not just snort !!

I have scanned the box Snort is running on with Nmap
and not a flicker.

Thanks in advance


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