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Wed Mar 20 06:56:14 EST 2002

Well, Snort runs great on all of them--that's why we use it!  If you're
looking for raw speed, I would imagine that you could squeeze better
performance out of Solaris or FreeBSD.  However, most folks will tell
you the exact same thing that we tell everyone who asks "which OS is
better?": Go with what you know.  And they'll be right...

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I have two networks that I keep charge of, now one network is a large
mix ranging from Solaris, HPUX, Linux, Freebsd, and also windows. Now I
read some instructions on the website that stated you could use snort on
Win32 machines running windows, but my real question would be which OS
does snort naturally run better on?

Thank you for any comments,

Jared Dame
Software Engineer
damemjared at ...5343...

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