[Snort-users] Generating SSHD Alerts

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Wed Mar 20 02:54:07 EST 2002

If I am understanding you right, you want to produce some alerts in general,
not only SSH related stuff.

Check out snot and you will get all possible alerts, and I really mean ALL
possible alerts
regarding snort rules ;)
Sorry, I haven't got the link present right now, but it shouldn't be to hard
to find. 

kpawloski at ...5338... wrote:
>OK, so I'll admit this is a newbie related question.
>Right now I have one snort sensor installed behind a heaving ACL'd network
so traffic >behind my firewall is rather quiet alert wise. How can I generate
some alerts on my own >to make sure my rules aren't whacked? I have a
bastion box that I was thinking I can try >and set off some false SSH alerts on my
own. Any ideas?
>Thanks in advance.

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