[Snort-users] Using WIN32 MSVisualStudio project files for 1.8.3 & 1.8.4

Dr. Richard W. Tibbs ccamp at ...4532...
Tue Mar 19 16:51:02 EST 2002

I have had a few experiences with the snort 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 
distributions that I would like to share with the list.
The issue that has come up is that the MS visual studio (visual C++) 
project files that are in the snort tarfiles are out of synch with the 
.c and .h files actually distributed. The resolution (obtained via 
several off-list discussions) is summarized here for the record.

To get the windows project file to build the snort executable,
in either 1.8.3 or 1.8.4 you must

Remove files from the project (highlight file and hit "del" key, or pull 
down the edit->delete)
 > avl_tree.c,.h
 > spp_minfrag.c,.h
 > spp_tcpstream.c,.h
 > spp_tcpstream3.c,.h
 > Add files to project (Project->Add to project->Files)
 > spo_idmef.c,.h
 > spo_lognull.c,.h
 > spo_SNMPtrap.c,.h

In addition, for the 1.8.4 release, I had to wrangle a small change to 
snort.h to get a certain definition done correctly:
Just above the line in snort.h that includes decode.h, insert the snip:
#ifdef WIN32
#include "libnet/IPExport.h"
#endif  /* WIN32 */
and that should do it.


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