[snort-users] snortdb schema update

Mark Vevers mark at ...5096...
Tue Mar 19 07:37:04 EST 2002

(Sorry if this has been answered already - I get this on digest..)

What db are you using?  As far as I can see from the CVS the only
change to the MySQL schema from 104 -> 105 was the version change
which had to change to keep in line with the changes made for other
db's (Roman please correct me if I am wrong!)

I just did:
    mysql> UPDATE schema SET vseq=105;

And now my schema matches - ;-)


>I just installed the snort rpm 1.8.4 of last saturday over my previously
>installed 1.8.4beta1 and snort now tells me that the database schema of my
>mysql db is not the actual one (I'm still on 1.04). Is there a simple way to
>update the db schema without the need of creating a new db in mysql AND
>without loosing existing alerts? 

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