[Snort-users] password detection

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt glratt at ...604...
Mon Mar 18 08:08:07 EST 2002

Look at dsniff - it does precisely what you want, except that it only
works (that I'm aware of) directly on the wire (i.e. it won't read
Snort- or tcpdump- generated files, it will only look at live


> Howdy,
> 	I know this request is going to sound really devious, but I
> assure you my
> intentions are completely white-hat.
> 	I'd like to see how many people are using plain text passwords
> on my
> network.  A few protocols that come to mind are telnet and pop3.
> Obviously,
> I want to teach them the wonder that is ssh.  I was thinking
> something like:
> content:"PASS";
> 	Has anyone gone about this before?
>      -Mike Arrison

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