[Snort-users] Testing / pcap_loop error

a s agpiah at ...131...
Mon Mar 18 05:22:04 EST 2002


Having had difficulties in using packetbuild1.1 for
libnet (and getting the advice to get hold of
LibnetNT.dll and place in my system 32 folder instead)
I have finally finished building snort - I Think !

Is there anyway that I can test the installation
without scanning it or hooking up another box, i.e
pinging ? telnet ? etc..

Also as I was wondering how to test I got the
following error :-
"pcap_loop: read error: PacketReceivePacket failed"
Then some stats on data analyzed (nothing)
and then :-
"Snort received signal 3, exiting"

Any ideas on how I can test using only the box snort
is installed on and the pcap loop error ?



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