[Snort-users] Snort183 -A unsock -- part deux

Michael Davis mike at ...92...
Sun Mar 17 20:49:04 EST 2002

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First, my original port of snort (1.7) never worked with -A unsock.
When did this functionality start working on snort-win32?

> Dr. Richard W. Tibbs <ccamp at ...4532...> spoke:
> > On this issue, I am now inclined to see how a complete snort
> > source  distrib compiles on Win2k.

It seems odd you are having problems compiling the source when many
others do. Excuse my ignorance if anything has changed in the way you
build the win32 port as I have not personally used the new 1.8.3
win32 port but the way I had things originally was you just had to
open the project file with Visual Studio and Hit build. You should
not have to do anything else.

> > The bottom line is that I can get snprintf to compile cleanly
> > with no  errors or warnings *ONLY* by defining __STDC__, at the
> > expense of all  other modules failing due to includes of snort.h.
> >  Is snort not a  "standard" C program under win32?  

It is a standard Console application.

Again, you don't need this file as far as I recall.

#define snprintf _snprintf

> is there any docs for win32 on how va_start or VA_START is supposed
> to be used? looks like related macros are not include here.

It is the same as on *nix platforms as I recall.
> > c:\cpp_project\oak_snortprj\snprintf.c(112) : error C2065:
> > 'u_char' :  undeclared identifier
> typedef unsigned char u_char

No, #include <winsock.h>

Winsock contains this type definition all ready.

> > If I include
> > #include <winsock.h> at the very top of snprintf.h, I get a clean
> >  compile with no errors or warnings!!
> well, u_char is easy to solove.. either with 

You should include winsock.h.
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